For Christmas, one promo can hide another: 91% off the best VPN!

Anonymity and security on the internet are themes that have become central. The traces left by web users are now a source of concern. These can be avoided by using a VPN, an essential tool in browsing protection. In addition to promoting anonymity today threatened, a VPN also offers other more futile, but still unsuspected pleasures.

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Nowadays, using a VPN is no longer an option when surfing the web. Its implementation makes it possible to anonymize its digital journeys. A way not to leave traces in an environment where they can be exploited without your knowledge. But not only …

A VPN allows other functions to be enjoyed that are sometimes ignored by its users. The ability to access sites that are inaccessible to computers domiciled in France. is now possible thanks to the offer of PureVPN.

So here is a Christmas offer that has everything of the dream gift, and on which, rushing would have nothing abnormal.

A Christmas offer of -91% over 5 years

Containment has acted as an accelerator: the Internet has completely turned our behavior upside down. This omnipresence must be accompanied by new precautions, and these have never been so accessible. PureVPN, the industry leader for almost 13 years, offers a very special offer for the holidays: a reduction of -91% over 5 years .

In addition to the anonymity attributes, its use will allow you to access sites like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or the Hulu streaming offer. All for just over 1 € / month with a new exceptional offer reserved for the Christmas holidays .

The current PureVPN offer corresponds to an incredible -91% discount on the 5-year plan initially at € 576.

It is therefore a price of only € 61 which is offered to you for 5 years of protection . This incredible reduction is not a limited access offer, you can enjoy all the services offered by PurePVN, or offer it to a loved one.

If -91% is not enough …

The icing on the Christmas log, this reduction is even greater thanks to the introduction of the promotional code “codepromo10” . This allows you to obtain an additional 10% reduction . The total payable will be just € 54.90 !

You must enter this code when ordering on the PureVPN site, as indicated below.